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Overtales Studio

We are a small team of artists and map-makers. Our team has a strong passion for producing creative and unique content for the Minecraft community.

We focus on creating unique and high-quality content for survival spawn and adventure maps, with playability and aesthetics as top priorities.


Become the vampire knight in a spooky luxury mansion. Fly with vampire wings, use powerful crimson weapons and artifacts, summon vampire allies, and fight monster souls in all dimensions. 

+ Overpowered armor with flying ability
+ Dual Sword, Scythe, Orb, and more
+ OP Horse & Carrier bat
+ 15 Weapons & Artifacts with unique abilities
+ 10 Custom mobs
+ Play in survival


The Lanna Modern House combines traditional and modern northern Thai architectural styles. The house is elevated from the ground, giving it a light and beautiful shape. It is surrounded by a rice field, a tropical rainforest, and a large mine for players to explore.

– Fully decorated interior
– Various workshop
– Automatic farms
– Villager trading house


Jump into the Ancient city again! Gather resources easily with 9 powerful new artifacts, own the unique house with high security, and a mysterious portal for you to explore. 

– Ancient Armor Set
– Happy Warden pet
– New Trader
– Portal for traveling to base
– Various automatic farm and workshop
– Fully decorated interior


Make your way to a peaceful island to start your new life. Visit beautiful landmarks, make money by doing jobs, adopt cute pets, own a house and decorate with minimal style furniture. 

– Over 400 furniture and functional furniture tools 
– 20 beautiful landmarks
– Work in ice cream shop and flower shop
– 8 pets and vehicles variants
– 4 unique houses
– Custom texture

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