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Overtales Studio

We are a team of talented artists and developers. All of the individuals in our team have a strong passion for producing creative content for the Minecraft community. 

We wish that our experience could be used to bring the community’s creativity project to life and make it more enjoyable.


Futuristic base with RGB lights throughout the house. The interior is fully furnished with modern-style furniture and has a room for playing your dream games. Plenty of facility rooms with useful items and automated farms are ready to begin your survival. 
– 45 unique furniture
– Fully decorated interior
– Various workshop rooms
– Automatic farms


Become an explorer in Alien Dimension. Explore huge islands and amethyst caves, gather resources to unlock new areas and upgrade the technology of your Space Station. There are still many areas for you to discover.
– 12 new amethyst mobs
– 10 themed islands
– 16 furniture
– 6 craftable capsule houses
– Space vehicles
– Custom Nether and the End


This Luxury Gothic Castle is located among huge mountains and lakes. This four-story castle has its interior completely furnished and has a special secret chest hidden somewhere inside. It’s ready for players to begin their survival here – Large warehouse basement

– Fully decorated interior 
– Workshop room
– Alchemy room
– Resting area
– Enchanting hall


The holiday is near, but the Winter Fiesta is in trouble. Let’s help recover the lost relics to the village and brings the festival back to life!
+ 5 different challenges and mini-games.
+ Village environment changes as the quest progresses.
+ Multiplayer friendly + 50+ unique models
+ 15 skins included!
+ Custom music & sounds

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